OpenSRS Plugin Configuration

  • June 9, 2014

The OpenSRS plugin allows domain registration in ClientExec.

1.  In your ClientExec installation, navigate to Setup -> Plugins -> Registrars

2.  Click the OpenSRS option in the drop-down.

3.  Enter your username and password for OpenSRS.

4.  Enter your private key.

5.  Click Update Settings.

Now that OpenSRS is configured as a registrar, we may continue with the setup process:

  1. Setup -> Products -> Products
  2. Click Domain Services (Domain) or whichever your domain group is.
  3. Click Add New Product.
  4. Insert the TLD (example: com).
  5. Check which options suit you.
  6. Click Save Changes.
  7. You will now see more tabs where you should configure the Price, etc.
  8. Navigate to the Advanced & Plugin Settings.
  9. Choose OpenSRS as the registrar. The two options below can be enabled or disabled at your discretion.

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