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 June 20, 2014     0 Comments

Gmail accounts do work 100% with our system for both sending e-mail and pop3 routing rules with the fetchticket service. The following is a quick guide to setting this up:

Create a routing rule in Setup > Support and click on the Email Routing tab.
Click Add Routing Rule.

Give the rule a name and change the request source to E-mail POP3 Fetching.

The E-mail server hostname needs to be set to use:  ssl://
The E-mail server port should be set to use: 995 
(For sending mail, it is ssl:// and port 465)

Add your email address & password.
At this point you can check the option to delete emails after they have been retrieved (deleted from gmail).

Change the User Type and Actions tabs if needed and then save.

If you are using both SMTP and POP routing then you need to change a configuration option in  gmail, in order for CE to correctly parse the e-mails. 

Under Settings,  turn off "Conversation View". 

By default, Google allows for "threaded" e-mails, which breaks the fetchticket service. Turning off Conversation View fixes the problem.

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