How do I add the support widget on my website?

  • August 1, 2014

The support widget can be inserted into your CE style, or your own website, to easily let users search your knowledgebase and submit a support ticket if their question is unanswered.

The widget can be configured with different wording and options to fit your needs. We've decided to use the text "Help" and for this demonstration we're going to integrate it into our CE installation. 

When the user clicks on the Help tab, they will be presented with the option to search your knowledgebase.

And they will be presented with current knowledgebase articles that match their search terms.

If these articles don't solve their issue, they can continue to submit a support ticket.

And that's all! Detailed below is how to add it to your own website.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Support
  2. Click "Site Widget" on the left.
  3. Configure the settings to your preference.

  4. Paste the snippet in the webpage header. If you want it to appear on your ClientExec installation, go to Setup - Settings - Style - Customize HTML and add the code into the body field.

  5. Save your web page, re-upload it, and test. If it does not work, clear your browser cache and try again.

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