Creating a Product

  • August 1, 2014

In this tutorial, we will create a shared hosting product utilizing cPanel as the plugin. In order to configure a cPanel server, click here.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Products -> Products. We will use the Shared Web Hosting category.
  2. Click Shared Web Hosting (Hosting).
  3. Click Add New Product

  4. Configure these settings:

· Signup Order - Order in which the product is displayed in signup.

· Welcome E-mail - Choose the appropriate Welcome E-mail for the service you are creating.

· Description - A full description of the hosting plan.

· Allow Direct Link - Allow the Direct Link to be utilized.

· Show in Signup Form - Have the product display during signup.

· Send welcome email - Send welcome email on account creation. Note: Must be enabled in Setup -> Settings -> Signup. The option is "Send Account Welcome E-mail".

· Automatically Activate Package - Have the package automatically activate once payment is received.

· Include Additional Bundled Products - Include Additional Products with this one

· Domain products - Provides the option to purchase a domain with the product

· SSL Certificate Products - Providing SSL products to purchase with the product

· Subdomains - Enter a list of subdomains separated by ; to offer your clients a free alternative to a domain name.

· Hide custom hosting fields - Hosting products have 3 built-in mandatory fields (Username, Password & Domain Name). The fields are displayed in Step 2 of the signup process, check this box to hide them from view. Note: Any server plugins that rely on these fields will fail so use with caution.

  5. Click the "Pricing" tab. 

Price - Enter the price for the timeframe.

Setup - If you charge a setup fee for your products, enter it here.

Allow in signup - Click this to enable this price option in signup.

One-Time - Allow the client to pay a one-time fee to keep the hosting account for the life of the company

Product is Taxable - Enable this if the product should require tax

Automatic Coupon - Enter an existing Coupon Code to have the coupon automatically applied during checkout.

 6. Configure any "Addons" you may have, such as domain registration.

 7. Click "Advanced & Plugin Settings".

     1. Type in the name of your cPanel server that you created in this tutorial.

     2. Type in the name of the package exactly as it appears in WHM.

     3. If this package is a reseller package, click the check box and continue filling out the settings.

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