Quantum Gateway Configuration

  • October 13, 2014

In order to configure Quantum Gateway, navigate to Settings -> Plugins -> Payment Processors. Choose Quantum Gateway.

Use Verify By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode - Otherwise known as Card Authenticate. By using this option you help in liminating fraud.

Use DialVerify Service - By using this option your customers will be called during their checkout asking them to input the passcode that was displayed on their order form. If they do not answer the transaction will fail. You are only charged for SUCCESSFULL calls. Call charges vary depending on the gateway plan.

Use MaxMind - Maxmind is another fraud control feature. By comparing the billing information and their current IPaddress/location a fraud score is calculated. With this feature enabled you can configure the gateway to auto decline a transaction if the score is above a certain amount. Note: Maxmind must be used in conjunction with DialVerify.

Quantum Gateway Username - This will be the main gateway login user name that was assigned to you.

Quantum Gateway Restrict Key - In order to use the Quantum Gateway checkout you must enable and use a RestrictKey. You can configure this key by navigating to Configuration -> Processing Settings in your Quantum Gateway account. Scroll down until you find RestrictKey; be sure to enable it [if you choose to utilize it].

You can individually select whether you would like to allow the following credit card types [supported by this plugin]: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Payment Form Title - The Payment Form will only be displayed when extra user input is required, i.e. when using "Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode or DialVerify." This will be the title on the page the client will see.

Payment Form Header - As the area explains, you can have a customized message at the top of payment page for your customers to view.

Payment Form Footer - With this you can have a message at the bottom of the Payment Receipt page.

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