Company Settings

  • April 29, 2017

In order to configure your Company Settings, navigate to Settings -> Company.

General Tab

Login Disabled - Selecting Enable will not allow users to access the client area. After login, they will be presented with the Login disabled system message.

Login disabled system message - The message displayed to the user after login if Login Disabled is set to yes. The message will appear after login.

Company URL - The URL to your company's website; this does not have to contain the clientexec directory.

Company Name - Insert your company's name. This will be what displays on the title bar and in emails.

Company Address - If your company has a physical address or P.O. box, you should insert it here.

Application Error Notification - When Log Level 1 messages or catchable errors occur, an email with the error will be dispatched to the address(es) specified.

Custom Logout URL - By default, upon clicking log off, you are taken back to index.php. You can specify a custom URL (that can either link somewhere in your installation or not) that the client will be taken to upon logging out.

Show Execution Time - The execution time of the page load will be displayed in the footer of every page.

Number of Announcements To Show On Main Page - The number of announcements to show on the main page of your Clientexec

Localization Tab

Language - Select the default language for your site.

Date Format - You can select how you would like the date to format and appear on your site.

System Timezone - Set the timezone you [and your company] are in.

Default Country - Select the country you[ and your company] reside in.

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