Dashboard Overview

  • July 11, 2014
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Once you have logged into your ClientExec installation, you are sent to your Dashboard

The first thing you will see on the Dashboard is the graphs.

The Tickets Review Bar Graph gives you informative statistics regarding ticket activity for the last six months. It also shows a goal response time. The darker, forest green color indicates closed tickets while the light green indicates open tickets. 

The Service Rating Bar Graph is a graph designed to show you the statistical rating performance of support requests. The light green indicates "Excellent" rating(s); the blue bar indicates "Good" rating(s); the gray bar indicates "Okay" rating(s); and, the red bar indicates "Poor" rating(s).

The Monthly Income By Type Bar Graph displays total recurring transactions broken down by package types with the sum and expected monthly income from each. 

The Income Growth Line Graph displays income trends from previous month and year. Each different line color belongs references a certain product.

Today at A Glance

New Customers - Shows how many new customers were acquired during the present day

Products / Domains Ordered - Shows Products Ordered / Domains Ordered during the present day

Invoices Generated / Paid - Shows the invoices generated / Those which were paid during the present day

Tickets Opened / Closed - Tickets created / tickets closed amount during the present day

Ticket Replies / Rated - Shows how many staff ticket replies / Shows how many were closed during the present day

New Article Comments - Shows new knowledgebase article comments during the present day

Automation Status

Shows each of the services you have to automatically run under Setup -> Plugins -> Automation Services.

 - This indicates that the service is running appropriately.

 - This indicates an issue with the service running.

 - Use this to run the service manually

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July 17, 2014

Great docs, keep up the good work!

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