Installing Clientexec

  • April 16, 2020

Downloading Clientexec

Once you have completed your purchase and verified the system requirements, it is time to begin the first step which is downloading and uploading your ClientExec installation!  To download the latest version simply visit and click "Download the latest release".

If you are using Softaculous, click here for a tutorial on installing via Softaculous.

If you are using Installatron a tutorial is currently being created for this.

Using FTP to upload Clientexec

  1. Extract the latest release of Clientexec to a fresh folder.
  2. You can rename your extracted folder to anything you would like. It will be your CE directory name. You can also do this via your FTP, but it is easier to do it at this step. This extracted installation was renamed to billing.
  3. Open your FTP client and connect to your server.
  4. Navigate to your public_html directory. On the local view, navigate to where your CE folder is.
  5. Select BINARY mode as your transfer type and upload all files.
  6. Once your upload is complete, Navigate to and the installer will automatically start.

Creating a Database

Clientexec using MySQL to store all your data, however we are all fully compatible with MariaDB. Please create a database before proceeding with the installer.

Installing Clientexec

Once you have navigated to simply follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation. A more detailed guide can be found here.

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