BlueHost & JustHost Cronjobs Configuration

 July 8, 2014     0 Comments

1. Enable the automation services you wish to utilize via Setup > Plugins > Automation

2. Log into your cPanel, and navigate to Cron Jobs.

3. Edit each cronjob to point to the correct PHP version and php.ini so that Ioncube will load when the cronjobs are executed.

Example of cronjob before:

php -q</span> /home1/vwebhost/public_html/clientexec/services.php 'order'

Example of cronjob after (all one line):

/usr/php/54/usr/bin/php-cli -qc/home/user/public_html/php.ini /home/user/public_html/clientexec/services.php 'order'

You are replacing "php -q" with "/ramdisk/php/54/bin/php54-cli -qc /home/user/public_html/php.ini"

** Make sure to specify the correct home directory, username and location of CE.

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