Disable Live Chat

 August 1, 2014     0 Comments

In order to disable live chat:

  1. Click the gear icon at the bottom left of your admin panel:

  2. Click Disable Plugin next to Live Chat: 

  3. Allow the page to refresh.

  4. Go to Settings -> Staff / Clients -> Customer Permissions.

  5. Click a group, and click Edit Permissions.

  6. Click Support Permissions.

  7. Uncheck View Live Chat

  8. Click Update Permissions.

  9. Repeat step 5-8 until all of your groups no longer have access to see the Live Chat.

Note: You can take advantage of this feature by disabling Live Chat for guests so that just your registered users have access to chat with an employee. You may also create a special group which is the only one that has live chat access.

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