Moving CE to another server

 June 8, 2018     0 Comments

This applies when you are moving your Clientexec to a new server, but keeping the same domain name.

1) Make a backup of your current database on the old server.
2) Create a new blank database on the new server.
3) Import your backed up database to the new server.
4) Upload the CE  files to the new server (make sure they are the same version).
5) Restore the old config.php
6) Ensure SupportPipe.php has 755 permissions.

7) Ensure you stop the cron on the old server and create a new entry on the new server.
8) Ensure you update any 3rd parties (eNom, ResellerClub, etc) with the new server IP.

You should now have Clientexec installed and running on the new server.

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