Restoring ClientExec with phpMyAdmin

 June 11, 2014     0 Comments

If you have chosen to backup the data and structure of your database, please follow the instructions below. If you have not re-created the database, do so now. If your database is created, dropping the pre-existing tables, if they exist, is preferred. This will remove any data and tables in the existing database.

* Log into your PhpMyadmin and select your database you either just created. This database might be pre-existing if you just dropped the tables in an existing database.
* Click the SQL tab up top.
* Click the Browse button towards the bottom of the page.
* Browse to find your backup .sql file or the file you generated backing up previously.
* Click Go.

It will then upload your backup file, and create all tables, and import all data into mentioned tables to completely restore your database to a previous state.

We recommend backing up your database frequently.

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