Automatically Cancel PayPal Subscription

 October 24, 2016     0 Comments

Clientexec can now automatically cancel PayPal Subscriptions when a client requests cancellation of their package. A staff member can also cancel a related PayPal Subscription from the invoice and recurring fee lists, or when canceling or deleting a package.

If you started using PayPal Subscriptions after 2009, all you'll need to make sure is that you have the PayPal API fields setup.

If you started using PayPal Subscriptions before 2009, this means that your PayPal Subscription Ids will start with an "S", which means that these can not be managed via their API.  However, it is very easy to fix this, so you can still cancel PayPal Subscriptions with Clientexec! Simply open a support ticket with PayPal's Merchant Technical Support Team at and request your account be updated so subscription Ids start with an "I"

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