Adding Package to Account Manually

  • June 16, 2014

If you are trying to manually add a package to a client's account, please follow these steps and guidelines:

First, please realize that you must:

  • Have billing configured for the package
  • Mark the account/package as Active
  • Generate the invoice
  • Send Welcome Email

Here is an overview of how to do this:

  1. Go to Accounts -> Clients. Select the client whom you wish to add the package to. 

  2. Under the customer's account, click "Packages".

  3. Click "Add Package". 

  4. After you selected the plan group and product, click "Submit". Click the package, and now configure the "Billing" tab.

  5. Activate the Package by going to Accounts -> Pending Orders

  6. Now that you have done that, you should Process the Invoice(s). Go to Billing -> Process Invoices. Click "Create Invoices". 

  7. Now, go back to the client's profile, click the "Invoices" tab. Send the invoice (you can customize payment options via their "Billing" tab). Once it is Paid, go to the package view, click the check box, and click "Send Welcome Email". 

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