Do we receive the full source code on purchase of ClientExec?

  • October 11, 2008
ClientExec is provided compiled using either the ionCube encoder or the Zend encoder. The files are not available for either viewing or modification with some exceptions.

Server Plugins
ClientExec is distributed with control panel plugins such as cPanel and DirectAdmin. These plugins are provided unencrypted for customizations or as basis for new plugins you might want to create.

Gateway Plugins
The gateway plugins are also provided with full source. Again the motivation behind this is to provide owners the flexibility to modify the plugins and create new ones based on existing plugnis.

ClientExec makes it easy to create and plugin reports. All the reports are also made available as open source for the same reasons provided above.

Additional files left unencoded
dspPDFInvoice - file used to generate pdf invoices
signup.php file used for signup process

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