How To Create a Database

  • April 25, 2017

It is time to create a database. Depending on your server configuration, there are multiple ways of doing this. This tutorial will show how to create a database through cPanel and how to manually create one via PHPMyAdmin.

Method 1 - cPanel Database Creation

  1. Login to your cPanel.
  2. Navigate to the MySQL® Database Wizard

  3. Create your database name. Note: You will see a video tutorial on this page showing you how to operate the wizard.

  4. Click Next Step.

  5. Create your database's username and password. 

  6. Click Create User.


  8. Click Next Step

  9. Your database has now been created. Be sure to notate the information you entered as it will be asked for during the installation process.

Method 2 - PHPMyAdmin Database Creation

  1. Navigate to PHPMyAdmin.
  2. Click Databases

  3. Specify a database name, then click Create

  4. The database has been created; it should instantly appear in the list below the creation section. Click Check Privileges to the far right.     

  5. Click Add User

  6. Fill in the database user information. On the Host tab, unless the server configuration is different, Local can be selected which will autofill the field with localhost. Click Check All on the Global Privileges area.

  7. Click Add User.

  8. You have successfully created a database and created a database user with full access to our database.

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