How to import data from Blesta

  • September 21, 2017

The Blesta Importer plugin available in Clientexec helps you to import your clients, packages, invoices, tickets, etc from a Blesta installation.

This article will guide you on how to import that data using the importer plugin.

Steps :

  • Login to your Clientexec installation, and navigate to Setting -> Utilities -> Import Data -> Blesta
  • Click the "Download" link.
  • Upload the blesta2ce.php file to your Blesta root directory. For Example, if you have installed Blesta in the URL on a cPanel server, the root directory would be /home/username/public_html/billing
  • Open the blesta2ce.php in a web browser, in this case and it will allow you to download a .csv.gz file.
  • Once downloaded, you should delete the blesta2ce.php from your Blesta root directory.
  • Navigate back to your Clientexec admin panel 
  • You can now select the clientexec.csv.gz file that was downloaded from the blesta2ce.php and then click Import under Import Blesat Exported File section.

Currently this importer does not import data for the following:

  • Alt Accounts
  • Tax Rules
  • Settings
  • KB Categories
  • KB Articles
  • Canned Support Replies
  • Client Notes
  • Registrar Account Information
  • Client Groups
  • Package Email Templates

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