Package Upgrades / Downgrades

  • January 4, 2021

The package upgrades feature will allow your clients to order a package upgrade or downgrade within the client area based on your selected upgrade/downgrade paths. This feature is available in Clientexec versions 6.3 and higher.

The Basics & Default Behavior

By default, when a customer initiates an upgrade or downgrade order, they would receive a prorated credit for their current plan, which would apply to their order.

For example, if a customer purchases a $10 plan today and decides to upgrade to a $20 plan on the same day, they would receive a prorated credit of $10 with an upgrade fee of $10 due today to make the difference.

If the due balance is negative, they will receive a credit for the remaining balance by default.

For example, if a customer purchases a $10 plan today and decides to downgrade to a $5 plan on the same day, they would receive a prorated credit of $10, giving them an account credit of $5 to apply to future invoices.

Configuring Package Upgrades

Packages need to be configured individually before clients will be able to initiate an upgrade/downgrade. You can do this by logging into your Clientexec admin area and navigating to Settings -> Products -> Select a Product -> Upgrade / Downgrade.

From this tab, you can select the packages you'd like customers to upgrade or downgrade to. Once done, click 'Save Changes' and repeat this step for each product you'd like to allow upgrades from.

Automated Upgrades/Downgrades

The Upgrade/Downgrade system requires the automation service to be enabled and running. You can enable it by logging into your Clientexec Admin Area and navigating to Settings -> Plugins -> Automation Services -> Upgrade/Downgrade Packages.

Changing Default Behavior

You can change the default behavior by logging into your Clientexec Admin Area and navigating to Settings -> Upgrade/Downgrade.

Charge Setup Prices: If a customer is trying to upgrade or downgrade to a package with a setup fee and this setting is enabled, the upgrade total due will include the full setup fee amount. By selecting 'No', it will not charge setup fees.

Provide Prorated Credit: With this setting enabled, Clientexec will calculate the package price difference and offset their upgrade order with this difference. By disabling this option, a customer would need to pay the full package price regardless of how much they have previously paid and how long they are into their term.

Add Credit Balance: With this setting enabled, if a customer is upgrading or downgrade to a package that results in their prorated credit being more than what is due, the remaining balance will be added to their account for future invoices. With this setting disabled, the remaining balance is not credited to their account and is removed entirely.

Client Group Permissions

You can enable or disable the package upgrade/downgrade system on a per client group basis. To add or remove these permissions navigate to your Clientexec admin area -> Settings -> Client Groups -> Selected your desired Group -> Edit Permissions -> Client Permissions -> Upgrade/Downgrade Packages.

Admin Initiated Upgrades / Downgrades

You can initiate an upgrade/downgrade order on a customers behalf by logging into your Clientexec Admin Area and navigating to Accounts -> All Clients -> Select your desired Client -> Packages -> Select the desired package to be changed -> Upgrade/Downgrade Package.

Common Issues / Troubleshooting

A client can not see the Upgrade/Downgrade button.

If a client cannot see the option to Upgrade/Downgrade and their current package supports upgrades or downgrades, they are most likely associated with a client group without the correct permissions.

You can fix this by changing the clients group to one with the relevant permissions or changing their groups permissions (see the above section titled 'Client Group Permissions').

Total due today is higher than the referenced prices.

If the total due today is higher than the referenced prices, in most cases, a setup fee is being charged, but the hide setup fee option is enabled.

To show setup fees to the customer, log into your Clientexec Admin Area and navigate to Settings -> Products -> Order Page and find the setting Hide Setup Fees and select 'No'.

Upgrade/Downgrade orders are not processing automatically.

To fully automate the Upgrade/Downgrade process, the automation service must be enabled and running. Please see the section above titled 'Automation Service').

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