Clientexec 5.7.1 Available for Download

We are pleased to announce that the stable release of Clientexec 5.7.1 is now available for all clients to download.

You can find the release files at – The upgrade process can now be completed with the click of a button from inside your Clientexec. You may still upload all files instead if you prefer.

As with any upgrade, please ensure that you take a full backup of your database before proceeding with the upgrade.

The full changelog is available here.

It is strongly recommended that you upgrade your Clientexec to version 5.7.1.

Clientexec 5.7.0 Released!

With continued hard work and updates in our core platform we have launched a new release that is sure to catch your attention. Get the new version here!

Some noteworthy features include:

  • Open Ticket when Product is Purchased
  • AutoLogin Developer Featuer
  • BitPay Payment Gateway

We have also updated our public (client) template to use Bootstrap Version 3. This has greatly improved our responsiveness and mobile views of the client side. Given the nature and size of this change, this will mean that any modifications you have made to the public (client) template will need to be redone, as they will not be compatible.

This release also includes numerous bug fixes, tweaks and features. A full changelog and the download files are available at

Update your Clientexec to the latest version today and enjoy all the great new benefits of your billing system. If you need help upgrading simply open a support ticket or drop by at

Have a Clientexec Wishlist? Is there something you really want to see, or something to make your life easier with Clientexec? Contact us today through our feedback & requests system.

Clientexec 5.7.0 Beta 2 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of the second beta release of Clientexec 5.7.0. This means that the final release of Clientexec 5.7.0 is even closer to being complete!

Click here to download version 5.7.0 Beta 2

Changes from 5.7.0 Beta 1

– Fixed pagination on tickets list on client side
– Internal Support Tickets will no longer send feedback requests emails to clients
– Invalid coupon popup style fixed
– Sign up style fixes
– Updated our StripeCheckout plugin to send billing address data to Stripe
– Register window style fixes
– Fixed issue where space was showing in the cart steps while using gray public style color
– Ensure that a valid price for a domain exists before attempting to import it
– Account for MariaDB 10.2 in the installer
– Fixed responsive issues with our datatables on client side (invoices, tickets, packages)
– Ensure that support tickets are properly sorted on client side
– Moved the View PDF icon to before invoice description on invoice list on client side

5.7.0 Beta 1 Info

More information on the beta can be found here.


Just a reminder, that this is a Beta Release, and there may be minor bugs. This release is not meant to be run in production, however, it should be stable enough to do. We’re also always looking for your feedback, please post on our Feature Request System any features you’d love to see in future releases of Clientexec.