Reseller Pricing
Clientexec offers excellent discounts when purchasing in bulk or the ability to Pay As You Go!

It is time to become a Clientexec reseller

By providing Clientexec to your clients they will be quick to
recommend your services to others in the industry.

Need more info? View our reseller resources for more details.
Price Savings
5 Bulk Leased Licenses $45.00 Up to 44% Order
15 Bulk Leased Licenses $57.75 Up to 76% Order
25 Bulk Leased Licenses $90.00 Up to 77% Order
50 Bulk Leased Licenses $162.50 Up to 80% Order
100 Bulk Leased Licenses $250.00 Up to 84% Order
150 Bulk Leased Licenses $300.50 Up to 87% Order
250 Bulk Leased Licenses $375.00 Up to 90% Order
350 Bulk Leased Licenses $483.00 Up to 91% Order
500 Bulk Leased Licenses $625.00 Up to 92% Order
700 Bulk Leased Licenses $800.00 Up to 93% Order

Clientexec has proven to be an excellent value-added service for Site5's reseller customers as it allows them to quickly and easily automate their hosting operation.

Todd Mitchell, COO Site5

Common reseller questions

Can I sell licenses to anyone?

The reseller agreement allows you to sell/provide CE to your hosting/dedi/vps customers. You may choose to provide the service at no cost as a value added service or as a paid upgrade to your existing plans.

Is there an API?

In an attempt to make allocation as easy as possible, we have introduced a REST API allowing you to integrate license allocation anywhere in your process flow. We do have a CE snapin that allows license management from within CE.

How can my customers get support for Clientexec?

We want to make our partnership with you as easy as possible, so we don't expect you to instantly become experts on Clientexec. When your client needs help with Clientexec, we're ready to help them with our Lite support plan which includes access on our forum and in our support center. If your clients need an upgraded support package, we also offer those at very affordable rates.

How do I allocate licenses?

With Clientexec, we don't like to fumble around with a license key so we've made it into an easier process with authorizing the domain name to have Clientexec installed on it. You will need to authorize the domain name through our easy to use LicenseDefender system via our REST API or your own CE installation. For more details, please take a look at this article.

Email [email protected] if you have any specific questions on how we can meet your needs.