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Clientexec 5.5.4

md5 - cce91a4099c9ad9b1f14bbc892e798c0
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  • Fixed logic for "Days to trigger Pre-Notify autoclose" in the "Ticket Auto Close" service plugin.
  • Bulk Mailer will clean email_queue_addressees when sending emails, and show a better error message.
  • Added Razorpay payment plugin.
  • Added NameCheap registrar plugin.
System / Admin
  • Fixed issue with TLD not allowing to edit them.
  • Added installer checks for JSON and SimpleXML PHP extensions.
  • When adding a new email template, default the type to the view you were on.
  • Fixed issue with preventing live chat from properly working.
  • Added ability to test mail configuration from the mail configuration settings.
  • Replaced Knowledgebase setting "Guest users can post comments" with Knowledgebase Permissions "Post Comments".
  • Fixed notifications to display the proper package custom fields.
  • Fixed issue with SSL welcome emails not properly replacing the Domain Name tag.
  • Added "Mark Refunded" and "Mark Credited" buttons to change an invoice status if required without running the process.
  • Added "Send Invoice" button on the client side invoice view.
  • Fixed display of global search when matching an organization to show the organization that was matched.
  • Allow a pending package to be set to a cancelled status, instead of only active or pending.

Template Changes from 5.5.3
  • templates/default/views/billing/invoicepublic/allinvoices.js
  • templates/default/views/billing/invoicepublic/invoice.css
  • templates/default/views/billing/invoicepublic/invoice.js
  • templates/default/views/billing/invoicepublic/invoice.phtml
  • templates/default/views/admin/signuppublic/cart3.js
  • templates/default/views/clients/userprofilepublic/paymentmethod.js