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Clientexec 6.0.0

Requires ionCube Loader 10.2+ (System Requirements)

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* System / Admin
  • Ensure we trim any whitespace when saving an email address.
  • Allow a staff member who has the "Edit Nameserver" permission, but not the "Edit Packages" permission to still update name servers for a package.
  • Fix possible issue with SEO rewrites when no directory is used for CE.
  • Fixed permission for View As Customer.
  • Fixed possible overflow issue with the avatar image in the right hand active client panel.
  • Fixed issue with external domain checking case sensitivity.
  • Fixed issue with API GET /accounts/user/ resource.
  • Added the ability to "pin" an announcement, to sort by this first.
  • Fixed issue preventing new language definitions from getting added to language files.
  • Ensure Riyaz fonts are included for PDF generation.
  • Updated the Add / Edit Billing Type window to be more user friendly
* Support
  • Fixed issues with TicketNotifications not defined in some functions of TicketGateway.
  • Fixed issue that was sending duplicate email notifications when an admin replies to a support ticket.
* Clients
  • Fixed bug preventing "Alternate Accounts" and "Account Notes" from showing on client side menu when "Edit Customer Profile" permission was disabled
  • Fixed possible issue on client side name server view when a domain isn't registered.
  • Fixed a countable error in UserPackageGateway.php
  • Added the ability to Login to cPanel from admin view of user package.
  • Ensure "Order New Services" is always available from the Packages top menu on client side.
  • Ensure we do not attempt to delete gateway data when the user is only a guest.
  • Fixed issue allowing clients to view any announcement even when the client was not part of the Audience.
  • Fixed issue with OnlineNic and host records page.
* Billing
  • Only use the "Credit Card Invoice Template" if the invoice has all its packages configured to "Charge CC Automatically".
  • Increased width of transaction id column on transactions list.
  • Added new default invoice template (current clients on default will be changed to default-old.
* Plugins
  • Fixed issues in Paypal, Razorpay, and Stripe Checkout gateway plugins that were not properly validating the Password Strength in Signup.
  • Fixed Client Data CSV Exporter to avoid issues with some field names.
  • Updated Invoice Data CSV Exporter to include every tax amount charged, Country, State and City.
  • Added new HostingController Server Plugin for websites (Development sponsored by
  • Fixed possible issue when parsing XML from OpenSRS that isn't always in the same format.
  • Fixed issue in Paypal plugin that was in some cases not properly setting the related recurring fees to be under a Paypal Subscription.
  • Updated Stripe Checkout to support Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and 3D Secure 2.
  • Updated FraudLabsPro Fraud plugin to use their PHP SDK and new device tracking javascript.
  • Added new CentOS Web Panel / CWP server plugin .(MG)
  • Updated the API function we call when testing cPanel servers to be list packages instead of version.
  • Fixed FraudLabsPro fraud error message to only show a generic message.
  • Fixed issue with FTP backup calling undefined function.
  • Ensure ExtendedAttributes are sent during domain transfer with eNom.
  • Fixed issue with Stripe Checkout causing an error on invoice payment page.
  • Added new Payment gateway for
* Reports
  • Fixed Ticket Totals report.
  • Fixed issue with cPanel Accounts Report when disable caching was enabled.
* Signup
  • Remove @ character from cPanel usernames on sign up.
  • Ensure MaxMind connects over HTTPS.
  • Fixed style issue on sign up compare packages page.
  • Add proper validation to package id before attempting to add to cart.

Template Changes from 5.9.0
  • templates/default/views/billing/invoicepublic/invoice.phtml
  • templates/default/views/layoutpartials/topmenu.phtml
  • templates/default/views/clients/userprofilepublic/editpassword.phtml
  • templates/default/views/clients/indexpublic/emailhistory.phtml
  • templates/default/views/clients/userprofilepublic/editprofile.phtml
  • templates/default/views/admin/signuppublic/cart3.phtml
  • templates/default/views/admin/signuppublic/cart_style_compare.phtml
  • templates/default/views/clients/productspublic/product.phtml