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Clientexec 5.6.0

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System / Admin
  • Fixed false positive being detected when Clientexec is in a sub-directory of WordPress with the WordFence plugin.
  • Fixed tickets user for "Automatic Cancellation of PayPal Subscription Failed".
  • Fixed issue with the loading of the "Advanced and Plugin Settings" panel when using CloudFlare.
  • Updated add/edit client API to allow to send values for default custom fields (address, phone, etc)
  • Fixed Transactions tab.
  • Fixed email testing when using "Ignore Invalid Mail Server SSL".
  • Fixed possible issue with adding/updating a staff member causing a PHP error.
  • Fixed some broken permissions when editing a customer.
  • Updated polyfill for EventSource to Live Chat works properly in IE and Edge.
  • Fixed issue with email testing when a language other than English is used.
  • Added custom fields tab to admin add support ticket.
  • CC and BCC custom fields in add support ticket will now also email the first ticket message.
  • Added event logs when requested to reset password.
  • Added event logs when resetting the password.
  • Moved the description for a password setting field under the setting name.
  • All public (frontend/client side) controller files are now not encoded.
  • Added 3 days timeout to reset local attributes, if can not connect to License Defender.
  • Updated invalid license page to check if the license is valid (and redirect back to index.php), on page refresh.
  • Added event listeners for: Client-Create, Client-Update, Client-Delete, UserPackage-Activate.
  • Added some missing translations.
  • Allow an admin email & password to be validated with the validate user API resource.
  • PDF invoice will now only display Tax Columns if customer is Taxable and has a matching tax rule.
  • Added new billing setting "Recalculate Next Due Dates Related To Packages".
  • Added new API resources to add and update a recurring fee.
  • Added new API resources to add and update an invoice.
  • Added new API resources to get an invoice and all invoices.
  • Ensure invoice status names can be translated.
  • Avoid generating new invoices from recurring fees related to pending packages that already has an unpaid invoice.
  • Fixed issue to configure domain addon 3 years price.
  • Fixed Paypal refunds on partial payments.
  • Updated the invoice reminder summary email to show the full name (and organization) of the client attached to each email that was sent out.
  • Added new PayStack Payment Gateway.
  • Ensure the proper currency code is sent to 2CheckOut.
  • Log a proper event error if CE's IP has not been properly added to eNom's API whitelist.
  • Ensure that the TeamSpeak3 server is started after it has been unsuspended.
  • Updated TeamSpeak3 plugin actions to be based on the status of the TeamSpeak3 Server.
  • Fixed CIM to properly work in signup.
  • Updated cPanel username checking to allow for usernames up to 16 characters in length.
  • Updated "package not found" error message in cPanel to explain about resource limitations.
  • Added Braintree payment plugin.
  • Fixed Stripe Checkout gateway plugin to avoid creating a customer per payment.
  • Added new importer for Blesta.
  • Updated Quantum and QuantumVault plugins to work with new API changes.
  • Fixed issue when applying credit from signup.
  • Fixed issue with "Free Domain" not properly working when having "Hide hosting custom fields" enabled.
  • Allow the full domain name to be passed as the GET param "domainName" instead of "domainName" and "tld".
  • Fixed issue in signup using the wrong package when cancelling an order before reaching summary, and then selecting a different package.
  • Updated "Overdue Invoices" Report to show the full client name, instead of just the client ID.
  • Fixed possible issue with the rate ticket hash being invalidated if a ticket is reopened and closed multiple times.
  • Fixed issue with ticket display when the ticket has ticket logs assigned to a package that was deleted.
  • Fixed support ticket file attachments to avoid issues with unwanted spaces in "Allowed File Extensions" before checking file extension when attaching a file.
  • Added "Last Reply" column to support ticket list.
  • Implemented a tweet button on the support ticket feedback page, when a ticket has been rated as excellent.
  • Fixed language call for ticket status on public client dashboard.
  • Fixed possible issue with ticket logs if the name is longer then 35 characters.
  • Added new setting to determine how many "Top Questions" are shown when a ticket type is selected, when submitting a new ticket.
  • Allow a staff member to create guests users from the users list.
  • Redirect to the client's profile after successful creation from users list.
  • Allow guests to be filtered on users list.
  • Updated events list to show the reason a client requested cancellation.
  • Fixed possible issue with client side host records tab of a domain package.
  • Ensure the default country is set to a new user upon account registration.

Template Changes from 5.5.4
  • templates/default/views/admin/signuppublic/cart_style_default.phtml
  • templates/default/views/admin/signuppublic/cart2.phtml
  • templates/default/views/support/indexpublic/thanksforrating.phtml