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6.7.1 Changelog

  • Added Added DirectAdmin support to CSF Unblock, thanks to
  • IMPROVED Ensure Kaputa Unicode font is included in our build for PDF Invoices
  • IMPROVED Sending welcome email from client side will now redirect back to the page you came from
  • IMPROVED Ensure the login password for Nominet is properly encoded
  • IMPROVED In Signup, when using a Direct Link, if the Product Group is using Product List Style as Compare, redirect to Step 2
  • IMPROVED The cPanel/WHM Packages importer will now call matchpkgs instead of listpkgs
  • IMPROVED Speed up domain search page when there are a large number of TLDs
  • IMPROVED The Global Search Results should show if SSL instead of Package
  • IMPROVED Improved the look of the product description on step 2 when using crisp asset HTML
  • FIXED Fixed issue with view pending orders when using CloudFlare's Rocket Loader
  • FIXED Fixed issue with Direct Login/SSO not working for server plugins
  • FIXED Fixed multi-currency issue on sign up & upgrade/downgrade page
  • FIXED Fixed multi-currency issue sometimes preventing the general tab of edit product from displaying properly
  • FIXED Fixed multi-currency saving issue if there was a comma in the price
  • FIXED Fixed admin users to not use a real currency, so that deleting unused currencies does not fail
  • FIXED Fixed issue with Stripe sometimes not properly marking an invoice as paid
  • FIXED Fixed issue with WHMCS importer to use nextduedate instead of nextinvoicedate field when importing addons, domain and hosting packages
  • FIXED Fixed issue with StripeCheckout not sending line_items properly
  • FIXED Fixed "Invalid JSON payload" issue when viewing emails
  • FIXED Fixed issue preventing the shared IP address of a package from displaying properly on client area product page
  • FIXED Fixed sending wrong value of contact name for Nominet
  • FIXED Fixed issue in the Country Yearly Income report plugin to always allow to start with the default country
  • FIXED Fixed modules/support/models/EmailGateway.php 226 Call to a member function getId() on null error when importing a ticket from POP3
  • FIXED Fixed issue preventing UserPackage::getCustomField() from returning a value

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