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Set your business to autopilot

With CE Automation Services

Automate your business by integrating with many plugins. Your business will benefit by offering various control panels and manage them all with CE.

Clients are expecting to be online within minutes, but you don't have the ability to setup new hosting accounts every hour of the day, let CE do that for you.

Clientexec can automatically setup hosting accounts and register domain names once payment has been received, without you lifting a finger.

Do you offer an addon that cannot be setup automatically? Don't worry! If that addon is selected, CE will open a ticket so you don't forget.

Integrated Billing Module

Send Invoices. Get Paid!

Simple online invoicing with reporting.Perfect for small and mid sized businesses. Stop using spreadsheets or other bloated software to get paid.

Offering a sale? No problem! With CE you can create coupons with a variety of options to choose from, including percentage or fixed amount.

Give a discount to your current customers as a loyalty appreciation or compensation, no need to wait until the next invoice, give them an account credit.

Set it once and forget about it. CE allows your customers to setup subscription payments through PayPal or other CC merchant services.

Easily configurable

That's right! Make it yours

Clientexec frees you to grow your business, by providing an easy way to setup your offerings and automate the daily hosting tasks.

Setting up CE to use your information is easy. Settings are easy to find and understand, there's no need to play the guessing game during setup.

Do you want different style options? CE comes with 22 different color options for you to choose from! You can also add your header and footer from within CE.

Get the fraud protection you need with MaxMind protection and phone verification so there's no more fake phone numbers for you to worry about.

Tightly integrated support module

You don't know what you are missing

Have your staff manage support tickets painlessly and quickly. Prevent emails and support issues from getting lost as you track their progress.

Offering live chat can be a pain if you have to use other software. CE comes with built-in live chat, so you can connect your visitors with your staff!

Convert emails into tickets. If your clients are on the road, they can email your company and CE will convert it into a support ticket.

Let your clients help themselves. Build a knowledgebase so your clients can seek answers before submitting a ticket! What a concept.

Do you offer reseller accounts?

Integration with Softaculous and Installatron allow easy one click installation.
Need more info? View our reseller resources for more details.

Customers want to just click a button and be off running. Installation is a breeze and we strive every day to make Clientexec seamless to operate.

Once their clients signs up through Clientexec, it can be configured to automatically create the hosting account through server plugins and collect payment.

The support is designed to be easy to use by both the user, and staff members, but still comes packed with tons of features including image embedding, live chat, and custom ticket filters.

By providing Clientexec to your clients they will be quick to recommend your services to others in the industry. This one decision can be the reason they succeed and their success is yours.

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