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6.4.2 Changelog

  • Improved top header menu to not hide when you scroll on client area.
  • Improved New installs to default "Shared Web Hosting" to "compare/modern" style.
  • Improved error message when testing mail configuration.
  • Improved action cogwheel to only show if there are actions to be taken on products list.
  • Improved login page to add missed the sub-page header
  • Improved dashboard packages list to add actions column
  • Improved WHMCS importer to display connection errors
  • Improved ResellerClub so the domain name is shown in the error message when a domain does not exist anymore.
  • Improved DirectAdmin to ensure username is all lowercase when sending to API.
  • Fixed display issue of the color picker on Add/Edit Client Group.
  • Fixed the ' character not displaying properly in the success message in admin when resetting a client's password.
  • Fixed the "Allow Registration" setting to work properly.
  • Fixed how amount coupon displays the amount when editing a coupon configuration.
  • Fixed WHMCS importer to properly import admin responses from support tickets.
  • Fixed events to be properly triggered when called from cron.
  • Fixed display issue on product page with very long custom field values. Values >= 25 will now open in a modal box.
  • Fixed display issue on product page improperly showing HTML currency codes.
  • Fixed issue with iframe payment plugins not properly showing the iframe on edit payment method (QuantumVault, AuthnetCIM, etc).
  • Fixed multiple Upgrade/Downgrade actions showing on products action list.
  • Fixed missing translations
  • Fixed issue with CloudFlare Rocket Loader and the new client UI.
  • Fixed padding on domain page, select cart steps section.
  • Fixed permission checking in dashboard side menu for "Edit Profile".
  • Fixed permission checking in top user menu for "Change Password". Change password will always show, even if edit customer profile permission is turned off.
  • Fixed extra </div> in article.phtml
  • Fixed issue displaying wrong addon data to clients.
  • Fixed how "Read Only" works for "User Custom Fields" in Signup and Customer Profile.
  • Fixed issue preventing search from working on all invoices client page.
  • Fixed issue preventing all invoices to display if an invoice existed for a package that was deleted.
  • Fixed issue when trying to create a PayPal Subscription with an invoice that only has items using Custom Billing Types and having different Billing Cycles.
  • Fixed issue preventing DirectAdmin Direct Login from working.
  • Fixed issue with case sensitive checking in Softaculous AutoInstall when not using a script.
  • Fixed an extra </div> that should not have been there in sign up.
  • Fixed custom fields not showing their descriptions.
  • Fixed how the percentage amount is displayed for coupons in signup.
  • Fixed how "Coupon Applies to" is displayed for percentage coupons in signup.
  • Fixed issue with coupon code not applying after changing the billing cycle on step 2.
  • Fixed style issue with Discount in cart summary when discount is an amount discount.

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