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Clientexec 5.5.1

md5 - 7af4c978ff007186e3d68e699a0cb5d1
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System / Admin
  • Updated reCaptcha to use sockets instead of file_get_contents. (MG)
  • Updated PHPMailer to the latest version to address security issues. (MG)
  • Added event logs when deleting a client. (JD)
  • Added event logs when deleting a recurring fee. (JD)
  • Added event logs when deleting a support ticket. (JD)
  • Fixed issue with keyboard popping up on mobile when clicking on a select dropdown. (MG)
  • Fixed PHP error on viewing ticket rating. (MG)
  • Fixed paypal plugin to search for next subscription invoice when main invoice is not unpaid. (JD)
  • Fixed issue with WHMPHP plugin attempting to retrieve a theme when it shouldn't. (MG)
  • Added filter by 'Customer Group' in Customer Data CSV Exporter. (JD)
  • Fixed issue with auto suspend service that was opening multiple tickets per package. (JD)
  • Fixed issue with eNom domain spinner showing duplicate domains. (MG)
  • Sanitize plesk username during sign up. (MG)
  • Fixed PHP errors in PlanetDomain plugin. (MG)
  • Added new "Location" field to SolusVM to allow VMs to be created in a user-selected location at signup. (MG)
  • Added RapidSSL Wildcard to the available certificates for eNomSSL. (MG)
  • Fixed blank domains showing up when importing from ResellerClub. (MG)
  • Updated archive logs service to be from "ClientExec Archive Logs Service" instead of the back up service. (MG)
  • Added filter by 'Customer Group' in Customer Data CSV Exporter. (JD)
  • Fixed WHM Accounts import to properly create new users. (MG)
  • Updated "Invoice Reminder" and "Late Fee" service plugins to also take in count invoices with missing or expired credit card information. (JD)
  • Fixed issue when addon option price is empty (JD)
  • Fixed some missing translations (MG)
  • Fixed date in "End of Billing Period" when requesting cancellation. (JD)
  • Fixed PHP warnings on sign up. (JD)
  • Fixed issue with maxmind failing on sign up. (MG)
  • Fixed activating cancelled packages when re-activating a client (JD)
  • Display a proper error message when creating a new client with an email address that already existed (MG)
  • Allow the domain name of an SSL certificate to be updated if the package is not tied to a plugin. (MG)
  • Do not allow a client to cancel expired packages. (MG)
  • Only show Next Due Date and Billing Cycle for active packages on client view. (MG)
  • Fixed issue with raw HTML showing after you import a domain. (MG)

Template Changes from 5.5.0
  • templates/default/views/clients/productspublic/cancel.phtml