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CE v5.4.3

md5 - 325950f6b1ea0a2e999093a3ff15a473
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  • (#2118) - Fixed bug with SQL tool not showing proper column names in the output. (MG)
  • (#2126) - Removed a misplaced bracket on dashboard settings. (MG)
  • (#2121) - Allow more links to be ctrl+clickable, to open a new tab, for better multi-tasking. (MG)
  • (#2127) - Fixed bug with select boxes not showing properly on the "Advanced & Plugin" settings of a package. (JD)
  • (#2110) - StripeCheckout will no longer validate CC data when running the migrateion report. (MG)
  • (#2105) - Migrate Payment Method report will not create gateway account for Inactive, Cancelled or Fraud customers. (JD)
  • (#2119) - Fixed bug that was causing eNom sign up to fail due to trying to create a reseller account instead of retail. (MG)
  • (#2125) - eNom form will now submit via ajax, so all data is not lost during a page refresh. (MG)
  • (#2128) - Fixed possible bug with PayPal subscriptions that could cause invalid invoices to be generated. (MG)
  • (#2116) - Fixed bug with internal logging in the VirtualMin plugin. (MG)
  • (#2102) - Pay Invoice button will not be clickable more than one time in the customer profile. (JD)
  • (#2112) - Change the style of delete and update buttons on customer profile. (MG)
  • (#2117) - Fixed bug with merge customer button showing on customer profile when the admin didn't have access to edit a customer. (MG)
  • (#2109) - Fixed Feedback email to staff to show the proper rating, instead of just a number. (MG)
  • (#2122) - Fixed bug with direct package link on ticket view not showing when youinitially assign a package to a ticket. (MG)
Template Changes from 5.4.2
  • templates/common/views/clients/userprofilepublic/paymentmethod.phtml
  • templates/common/views/admin/signuppublic/cart3.phtml
  • templates/common/views/billing/invoicepublic/invoice.phtml