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CE v5.3.0

md5 - 65860e661d5b0d2d6a6fc009aec65226
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  • (#1678) - Added new setting for Enabled Languages, to determine which languages should be enabled for use. (MG)
  • (#1772) - Added pending orders table to admin dashboard. (MG)
  • (#1770) - Added new permissions to disable certain dashboard counts per admin. (MG)
  • (#1621) - Added new check to installer to ensure cURL has support for SSL. (MG)
  • (#1774) - Added default routing rule for public section to new installs. (MG)
  • (#1781) - Enable "Pin the active customer on right panel" and "Show expanded menu for Settings" admin preferences when creating new admins. (MG)
  • (#1759) - Fixed bug with Spanish translation of 'Login using your registered account'. (MG)
  • (#1760) - Fixed bug with logo box being duplicated when changing templates on Customize HTML. (MG)
  • (#1762) - Fixed bug with changing credit card passphrase when it contains certain special characters. (MG)
  • (#1787) - Updated the way we store extra attributes for TLDs to be a base64 encoded serialized array. (MG)
  • (#1667) - Added multiple language support to products. (JD)
  • (#1824) - Included multiple language configuration when cloning a product. (JD)
  • (#1668) - Added multiple language support to addons. (JD)
  • (#1666) - Added multiple language support to email templates. (JD)
  • (#1688) - Added new staff permission to delete customers. (MG)
  • (#1813) - Changed references of client to customer. (MG)
  • (#1816) - Fixed a bug with the top bar today's stats showing information to staff that should not be able to see it. (MG)
  • (#1821) - Switched the position of save and delete buttons on custom fields view. (MG)
  • (#1822) - Added a Password type for product custom fields. (MG)
  • (#1823) - Added links to customer and package in event logs. (MG)
  • (#1817) - Fixed error showing on dashboard if the logged in staff member does not have access to the ticket list. (MG)
  • (#1826) - Changed header title in the window when editing an email template. (JD)
  • (#1857) - Changed header title in the window when editing a notification. (JD)
  • (#1825) - Added some warnings when trying to delete a product addon that is associated to a product which is already in use. (JD)
  • (#1855) - The installer/upgrader will no longer error if there are 3rd party plugins in your system. (MG)
  • (#1874) - New domain product groups will have transfer and self manage enabled by default. (MG)
  • (#1872) - Fixed issue with the tooltip on Email Routing Filters been hidden behind the browser top bar. (JD)
  • (#1890) - Allowed ctrl+v and ctrl+c in pricing editor. (MG)
  • (#1891) - Fix top bar ticket count display when there are no tickets to show. (MG)
  • (#1892) - Disable rocket script loading of all public side javascript. (MG)
  • (#1899) - Updated cWhois script to latest version. (MG)
  • #1767) - Added new support view to view ticket feedback. (MG)
  • (#1747) - Added new GET parameter to submitticket view "tickettype", to automatically select the ticket type based on the name. (MG)
  • (#1796) - Added elapsed and status to default columns for ticket list grid. (MG)
  • (#1738) - Added a new setting to TicketTypes to determine if a customer is able to close tickets of the type. (MG)
  • (#1777) - Fixed bug with ctrl+clicking a ticket in ticket list, where it would change the original tab to the ticket as well. (MG)
  • (#1805) - Added new API command to create a new support ticket, by POSTing to /api/support/ticket/ (MG)
  • (#1665) - Added multiple language support to the anouncements. (JD)
  • (#1684) - Added multiple language support to the knowledgebase. (JD)
  • (#1811) - Added a new setting to allow for SEO knowledgebase links. (MG)
  • (#1829) - Added the ability to merge 2 or more tickets from the ticket list. (MG)
  • (#1838) - Added an event log when we merge tickets. (JD)
  • (#1842) - Fixed error with ticket search/filter if you do not select any conditions. (MG)
  • (#1828) - Fixed KB search from the sidebar. (JD)
  • (#1851) - Added more tags to the feedback email. (JD)
  • (#1846) - Added ticket title on the default content of the email template of the ticket feedback email. (JD)
  • (#1854) - No longer delete ticket custom fields when changing a ticket type. (MG)
  • (#1856) - Fixed issue not refreshing the new ticket status in the web browser when replying with an attachment. (JD)
  • (#1907) - Added the ability for a staff member to create an internal ticket on a customer. (MG)
  • (#800) - Added new options to allow to enter a date and payment processor when adding a partial payment manually. (JD)
  • (#1795) - Added coupon code to coupon list grid. (MG)
  • (#1635) - Added new "Failed Invoices" filter to invoice list. (MG)
  • (#1669) - Added multiple language support to invoice settings. (JD)
  • (#1806) - Fixed possible bug with setting default currency not working. (MG)
  • (#1810) - Added amount totals for invoices grid. (JD)
  • (#1801) - Updated paypal plugin to allow generate invoices for subscriptions, even if out of the Send Invoice Offset or Charge Domain Invoice Offset. (JD)
  • (#1798) - Fixed issue to make sure manually added domains set as transfer, charge in the first invoice the transfer pricing. (JD)
  • (#1786) - Added a validation to avoid customers to add more payments to invoices that have active transactions about paypal subscriptions even if the payment has not yet been notified. (JD)
  • (#1904) - Added new Diagnostic Report: Remove Invoice Subscription to allow removing the Subscription Id from an invoice that is under a subscription. It only removes the subscription reference and requires the Billing permission: Edit, delete and add invoices. (JD)
  • (#1778) - Show valid error messages with OpenSRS. (MG)
  • (#1802) - Fixed spelling mistake on domain updater service error. (MG)
  • (#1800) - Added new feature to domain updater service to allow to automatically send out domain renewal notices. (MG)
  • (#1789) - Fixed possible bug with the domain updater service setting invalid next bill dates for transfered domains. (MG)
  • (#1790) - Fixed transfer bug with .ca domains in ResellerClub (MG)
  • (#1794) - Send proper currency code when making a payment with 2CheckOut (MG)
  • (#1804) - Added a list of valid approval emails to error message in eNomSSL. (MG)
  • (#1812) - Added a new fraud plugin for FraudLabsPro. (MG)
  • (#1814) - Fixed bug with ResellerClub and ResellBiz not properly canceling domains not in the registrar account with domain updater service (MG)
  • (#1815) - Fixed bug with always showing the resellers tab on Resellers Panel plugin. (MG)
  • (#1809) - Added new server plugin for Weebly (MG)
  • (#1827) - Fixed bug with team status adding if you pressed Cancel. (MG)
  • (#1833) - Added new setting to allow for setting the Page Style while checking out with PayPal. (MG)
  • (#1852) - Change cPanel Plugin Login URL to use cPanel Single Sign On. (MG)
  • (#1847) - Added event logs when the domain updater service updates any information on a domain. (MG)
  • (#1818) - Fixed Package Plugin Actions dropdown for support staff. (JD)
  • (#1766) - Added an optional Status Email setting to Money Bookers plugin. (JD)
  • (#1855) - Added the ability to send the auth code (EPP) to the registrant in OpenSRS. (MG)
  • (#1895) - Fixed bug with CE Format export not properly importing. (MG)
  • (#1761) - Added a waiting mask while cancelling packages from cancellation requests view. (MG)
  • (#1757) - Show a proper error message while viewing CSR details if it fails to parse the CSR. (MG)
  • (#1797) - Fixed bug with users not being properly encoded in online/offline users list. (MG)
  • (#1799) - Fixed bug on public side preventing proper error message from being displayed on host receords domain page if the plugin does not support updating host records. (MG)
  • (#1449) - When processing a cancellation request, also cancel the customer if appropriate. (MG)
  • (#1301) - When merging users, it now also adds the user email of the account we are moving from, to the alternate emails of the other account, if selected Delete Client After Merge and either Merge All Data or Merge Alternate E-mails. (JD)
  • (#1878) - Added a language dropdown on client side to allow a client to change the language their session is in. (MG)
  • (#1883) - [CLIENTNAME] email tag will now show "FirstName LastName - Organization". (MG)
  • (#1896) - Packages grid in customer side is now also sortable by name. (JD)
  • (#1902) - Fixed bug with "No" button while cancelling a SSL cert from the SSL list view. (MG)
  • (#1903) - Fixed bug with "No" button while cancelling a Domain, Hosting Package or General Package from their respective list view. (JD)
  • (#1605) - Fixed sorting bug on Billing Cycle Report. (MG)
  • (#1765) - Fixed some issues with Monthly Income and Monthly Income By Type reports. (JD)
  • (#1819) - Fixed bug preventing sign up from using the selected country if the sign up fails. (MG)
  • (#1820) - Fixed bug preventing the use of TLDs that were longer then 6 characters on self manage domains. (MG)
  • (#1618) - Scroll to the password field on sign up if we show an error message. (MG)
  • (#1849) - Fixed issue with attempting to leave the sign up page by clicking the support link, and nothing happening. (MG)
  • (#1853) - Fixed bug with domain lookup failing if the domain was mixed case. (MG)
  • (#1764) - Fixed some coupon issues in signup for some given configurations. (JD)
  • (#1769) - Updated paypal plugin to also autofill email and phone information when checking out with paypal as a guest. (JD)
  • (#1835) - Fixed issue with the compare prices view in signup to display the amounts properly formatted. (JD)
Template Changes From 5.2.1
  • templates/common/views/clients/productspublic/products.js
  • templates/common/js/report.js
  • templates/common/js/select2.js
  • templates/common/views/admin/signuppublic/cart.js
  • templates/common/views/admin/signuppublic/cart3.js
  • templates/common/views/admin/signuppublic/cart_style_compare.phtml
  • templates/common/views/admin/signuppublic/cart_style_default.phtml
  • templates/common/views/admin/signuppublic/cart_style_domain.phtml
  • templates/common/views/knowledgebase/articlespublic/article.phtml
  • templates/common/views/admin/signuppublic/cart_style_domain.js
  • templates/common/views/home/indexpublic/main.phtml
  • templates/common/views/knowledgebase/articlespublic/search.phtml
  • templates/common/views/admin/signuppublic/cart2.phtml
  • templates/common/views/admin/signuppublic/cart3.phtml
  • templates/common/views/knowledgebase/articlespublic/main.phtml
  • templates/common/views/billing/invoicepublic/invoice.phtml
  • templates/common/js/common.js
  • templates/common/views/clients/productspublic/productdomainhosts.phtml
  • templates/common/views/clients/productspublic/product.phtml
  • templates/common/views/billing/invoicepublic/allinvoices.js
  • templates/common/views/clients/productspublic/productheader.phtml
  • templates/common/views/admin/signuppublic/cart1.phtml