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CE v5.2.1

md5 - 728dee044687dfc22caec9f4670ff62b
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  • (#1705) - Fixed JS error when attempting to delete a pending order. (MG)
  • (#1725) - Fixed bug on client status update, that was still activating packages even if you selected No. (MG)
  • (#1722) - Fixed bug with sorting of colums on package lists. (MG)
  • (#1730) - Fixed bug that was preventing the Initiate Transfer option to properly work. (MG)
  • (#1733) - Fixed possible lock up of user package hosting account tab. (MG)
  • (#1724) - Fixed bug preventing the sorting of pending packages by date. (MG)
  • (#1749) - Fixed bug with cancel button in prompt for updating a user package password on public side. (MG)
  • (#1739) - Added new permissions to control triggering package actions and updating package passwords for customers. (MG)
  • (#1655) - Only show active customer side bar invoice information if the staff member has access to view billing information. (MG)
  • (#1628) - Changed delete customer button to use proper RichHTML prompts. (MG)
  • (#1742) - Fixed domains list overlapping when left side bar is open. (MG)
  • (#1706) - Only show the default currency in todays stats on the dashboard. (MG)
  • (#1713) - Fixed spelling mistake on installer. (MG)
  • (#1711) - Fixed missing DejaVuSansCondensed-Oblique.ttf font file for PDF invoices. (MG)
  • (#1715) - Fixed bug with showing a client logged in, when an admin is viewing as that client. (MG)
  • (#1701) - Fixed confusing tool tip on general products bundled option. (MG)
  • (#1731) - Add missing translations for page titles. (MG)
  • (#1704) - Delete version update cache after a successful update so we show the proper version in the page footer. (MG)
  • (#1744) - Moved bodyHTML back to being output right after the body tag on public side template. (MG)
  • (#1750) - Handle no date.timezone being set in php.ini better during installs. (MG)
  • (#1751) - Do not send security e-mails for "no action param" or "session hash missing" errors. (MG)
  • (#1685) - Update auto-upgrade to also warn about modified language files. (MG)
  • (#1646) - Add Full Name to the TO address when sending out emails. (MG)
  • (#1606) - Added a default subject name to the default shared web hosting welcome email. (MG)
  • (#782) - Added a search button to KB search sidebar plugin (MG)
  • (#1758) - Fixed bug that would not allow the updating of a product group list style. (MG)
  • (#1707) - Allow the full package identifier to be shown in invoice entries on PDF invoice. (MG)
  • (#1708) - Fixed bug with OpenSRS domain lookups failing. (MG)
  • (#1714) - Fixed bug with AutoClose service erroring about logtype. (JD)
  • (#1716) - Fixed spelling mistake in purchase status for OpenSRS. (MG)
  • (#1717) - Fixed spelling mistake in invoices to process service. (MG)
  • (#1719) - Fixed grammar mistake in invoices to process description. (MG)
  • (#1726) - Updated domain updater service to handle domain transfers, and check if they have been completed. (MG)
  • (#1734) - Do not try to get an account summary when there is no username set, for cPanel. (MG)
  • (#1693) - Fixed bug with eNom plugin only showing the first error message, instead of all. (MG)
  • (#1664) - Fixed possible bug with WHMCS import creating duplicate products. (MG)
  • (#1735) - Fixed possible bug showing "There was an error looking up that domain" instead of the domain being taken when using both Name Suggest and NameSpinner. (MG)
  • (#1745) - Changed assigned package dropdown in ticket view to be a scrollable dropdown (MG)
  • (#777) - Changed assigned staff and ticket type dropdown in ticket view to be a scrollable dropdown (MG)
  • (#1681) - Fixed bug with global series not showing global series articles in navigation. (MG)
Template Changes From 5.2.0
  • templates/common/views/admin/signuppublic/cart.css
  • templates/common/views/admin/signuppublic/cart2.phtml
  • templates/common/views/admin/signuppublic/cart3.phtml
  • templates/common/views/admin/signuppublic/cart_style_domain.phtml
  • templates/common/views/clients/productspublic/product.js