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CE v5.4.2

md5 - 1e59f1ba3b984bd96abcc5558701b81b
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  • (#2079) - Fixed some tags that were not been replaced in the subject when sending emails. (JD)
  • (#2080) - Fixed issue with the End Date fields in filters getting data from an additional day. (JD)
  • (#2078) - Fixed several serious issues with languages. (JD)
  • (#2089) - Fixed Event List to display the Email events with the email tags properly replaced. (JD)
  • (#2005) - Updated footer to avoid overlap the grid dropdown. (JD)
  • (#2100) - Fixed javascript issues when using CloudFlare Rocket Loader. (MG)
  • (#2081) - Fixed refunds for Stripe Checkout when using Bitcoin. (JD)
  • (#2083) - Renamed plugin Migrate Payment Methods to Migrate Payment Method to avoid breaking the Reports menu. (JD)
  • (#2084) - Update PSIGate's port to use their new SSL port. (MG)
  • (#2085) - Fixed an old logger call in Server Tastic SSL Plugin. (MG)
  • (#2086) - Fixed issue with StripeCheckout not always marking invoices as paid. (MG)
  • (#2087) - Updated PayPal callback verification to use SSL. (MG)
  • (#2088) - Fixed issue with Stripe Checkout and CIM not properly saving the Billing-Profile-ID from signup. (JD)
  • (#2090) - Updated Customer Data CSV Exporter with latest code. (JD)
  • (#2099) - Added an option to allow update Credit Card information in Stripe Checkout plugin. (JD)
  • (#2101) - Updated payment plugin StripeCheckout to delete customer data in Stripe Checkout when the account no longer needs it. (JD)
  • (#2082) - Fixed some items in signup related to not having a price, or having a price of 0. Not having a price should not create an invoice entry, while having a price of 0 should create it. (JD)
  • (#2098) - Added a loading mask when attempting to activate a pending package. (MG)
  • (#2103) - Disabled select2 select boxes on public side for mobile browsers. (MG)
  • (#2102) - Pay Invoice button will not be clickable more than one time in the customer profile. (JD)
  • (#2104) - Allow longer TLDs as valid email addresses. (MG)
Template Changes from 5.4.1
  • templates/common/views/billing/invoicepublic/invoice.phtml
  • templates/common/views/admin/signuppublic/cart_style_domain.phtml
  • templates/common/js/css_browser_selector.js
  • templates/common/views/clients/userprofilepublic/paymentmethod.js
  • templates/common/views/clients/userprofilepublic/paymentmethod.phtml