API Documentation
The REST API allows developers to hook into Clientexec and connect it to third-party applications.

Get Invoice

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Example JSON Response

	invoiceid: "1000",
	id: "1000",
	linkid: "1000",
	customerid: "101",
	customername: "John Smith",
	failedreason: "",
	paymenttype: "none",
	subscriptionid: "",
	billdate: "06/14/2017",
	canbechargedtoday: 1,
	billpmtref: null,
	billrawpmtref: null,
	balancedue: null,
	amount: "$1.00 USD",
	simplebalancedue: "$1.00 USD",
	billappliesto: null,
	overdue: 1,
	billstatus: "not paid",
	statusenum: -2,
	error: false,
	success: true,
	message: ""