Clientexec Unveils Update Version 5.5.4

With continued hard work and updates in our core platform we have launched a new release that is sure to catch your attention. In this update you will be able to notice the following plugins, fixes, updates and performance increases:

– Live chat available and fully functioning with all upgraded Clientexec accounts for free (MG)
– Additional options to increase revenue with Razorpay payment plugin. (JD)
– Added NameCheap domains integration (MG)

– More invoice options with “Mark Refunded” and “Mark Credited” buttons to change an invoice status if required without running the process. (JD)

-“Send Invoice” button now available on the client side invoice view. (JD)
– Update to display of global search when matching an organization to show the organization that was matched. (MG)
– Allow a pending package to be set to a cancelled status, instead of only active or pending. (MG)

– Installer checks in force for JSON and SimpleXML PHP extensions. (MG)
– When adding a new email template, default the type to the view you were on. (JD)
– Enabled ability to test mail configuration from the mail configuration settings. (MG)
– Replaced Knowledgebase setting “Guest users can post comments” with Knowledgebase Permissions “Post Comments”. (JD)
– Notifications display the proper package custom fields. (JD)
– Updated SSL welcome emails to properly replace the Domain Name tag. (MG)

Bug Fixes:
– Logic for “Days to trigger Pre-Notify autoclose” in the “Ticket Auto Close” service plugin. (JD)
– Bulk Mailer will clean email_queue_addressees when sending emails, and show an improved error message. (JD)
– TLDs are now able to be edited. (JD)

Update your Clientexec to the latest version today and enjoy all the great new benefits of your billing system. If you need help upgrading simply open a support ticket or drop by at

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