Clientexec 6.3.0 Beta 2 Available Now!

We are pleased to announce Clientexec 6.3.0 Beta 2 is now available to download! As this is a beta version, this is meant for testing only and is not recommended for production environments. If you have a Clientexec license, you are automatically eligible to participate in the beta.

To get started, click here to download 6.3.0 Beta 2.

Changes since 6.3.0 B1:

  • System / Admin
    • Updated Domain List and SSL List under Accounts menu to use the recurring fee next due date when there is no correct plugin date on the database to show. Also, filters related to the expiration date also use that date when required.
    • Ensure that the Package Upgrade / Downgrade permission is applied to default groups on new installation.
    • Fixed issue with admin domain name name servers and host records tab locking up on admin side.
    • Updated Get Product API response to include a signup_price key, which takes into account any automatic coupon
  • Billing
    • Added a small fix to calculate invoice totals when there is a percentage discount.
    • Tax rates now display a properly formatted percentage value.
    • Fixed issue with admin invoice list showing all invoices when on a client’s profile invoice list.
  • Plugins
    • Fixed bug with sending name servers when registering a domain with NameSilo.
    • Added Reseller support to Interworx.
    • Fixed bug with GoGetSSL Plugin not sending the proper product_id
  • Clients
    • Show the SSL Certificate on client-side SSL Info tab if available.


For the full changelog, please see the CHANGELOG.txt file in the download.

While we have done extensive testing, bugs or other unforeseen issues may be present. If you come across any issues or bugs, please don’t hesitate to report them on our community forums.

7.0 Note:

Have you seen what we’re working on for version 7? With 6.3 being released in beta and soon to be released as stable, our development team is ramping up efforts on version 7. If you have any feature requests or feedback, please don’t hesitate to let us know via live chat.

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