Clientexec 6.3.0 Released!

We are pleased to announce the stable release of Clientexec 6.3, which can be downloaded here. As a stable release, 6.3 is now the recommended version for all new installations as well as production sites running older versions.

To upgrade an existing Clientexec installation please see the article Updating Clientexec or contact our team via live chat or email.

Features / Enhancements in 6.3.0:

  • System / Admin
    • Added Package Upgrades / Downgrades system (View Tutorial)
    • Added the option “Prepend Username to Package Name on Server” to a server, which will add the server’s username before the package name on the server.
    • When parsing a pop3 email, do not use the Delivered-To header, as this could be an internal email address.
    • Added a new language translation for Mexican Spanish
    • Added “Auto-Renew Ticket Assign To” setting for “Auto-Renew Domain”.
    • Added “Override From” setting to force the from address when sending out any emails.
    • Added Softaculous Auto Installer for cPanel.
    • Added “My Notes” to admin profile menu.
    • Domains list now correctly shows the expiration date and renewal date.
    • Added cancel packages button to pending orders list.
    • Fixed issue with Ticket-ReplyByAdmin and Ticket-ReplyByCustomer events not triggering correctly for emails.
    • Fixed issue with an update query failing when updating/adding addons to products.
  • Billing
    • Moved credit card viewing to a RichHTML window.
    • Allowed to use the tag [DIRECTPAYMENTLINK] in Settings > Billing > Invoices > Additional Notes For Invoices.
    • Show available Credit Balance in the Apply My Credit button for clients.
    • Added a “Paid Invoice” filter to the invoices list.
  • Plugins
    • Added Vultr Server Plugin (View Tutorial).
    • Added ApisCP Server Plugin.
    • Add a new setting to DomainNameAPI for default name servers.
    • Improved handling when trying to cancel a PayPal subscription with a subscription ID that can not be found.
    • Added a new setting in the Authorize.Net CIM payment plugin to “Disable validate client Authnet CIM payment profile”.
    • Removed obsolete HipChat Status Updater Service.
    • Removed obsolete WHMPHP Server Plugin.
    • Allow a staff member to login to a client’s SolusVM Panel.
    • Added test connection functionality to DirectAdmin.
    • Ensure DomainNameAPI shows Supported Features.
    • Updated eNom plugin to use https when using test server.
    • Updated the domain updater service to continue processing domains during a connection issue, and report which domains had the connection issue in the summary email.
    • Updated registrar plugin from Developers.
    • Removed depreciated BuycPanel plugin.
  • Signup
    • Allowed to use Percentage Coupons on Prorated Orders.
    • Updated how a package is allocated to a server at sign up, to pick the least full available server.
    • Open a support ticket if all servers are full, and the package can not be allocated to a server.
    • Added support for .ke TLD when not using a registrar.
    • Added TLD lookup support for, and when not using a registrar.


For the full changelog, including bug fixes please see the changelog here.

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