Clientexec Unveils Update Version 6.0.0

Due to a bug in our version checking system, we have re-released our 5.10.0 release as 6.0.0.  No code has changed, other then the version number.

With continued hard work and updates in our core platform, we have launched a new release sure to catch your attention. In this update, you will be able to notice plugins, fixes, updates and performance increases.

You can get the latest version at

What’s new in this version?

stripe checkout strong customer authentication

We’ve updated our Stripe Checkout plugin to support Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

Fraudlabspro device tracking

We have added support for FraudLabs Pro’s Device Tracking, which enhances their ability to detect fraud. More information on this feature can be found here.

pesapal payment processor

You can now easily collect payments through the Pesapal payment processor. Pesapal allows you to accept worldwide payments online using mobile money or debit/credit cards.

hostingcontroller server plugin

HostingController server plugin for websites now included in Clientexec sponsored development from

Control web panel / CWP Server plugin

Control Web Panel/CWP server plugin is now available through Clientexec.

Client email history

We have added the ability to log all emails sent to your clients.  They can view these emails in their client portal.

new invoice template

Stylize your invoices with the new customizable invoice template.  During the upgrade process, if you are currently using the “default” invoice template, you will be switched to the “default-old”.  Simply switch to the new “default” template to take advantage of the new invoice template!

Additional Bug Fixes and Minor Features

As with any release, we have fixed bugs and added more features. Check out the CHANGELOG.txt included in the download for a full list of changes.

Update your Clientexec to the latest version today and enjoy all the great new benefits to your billing system. If you need help upgrading simply open a support ticket or drop by at

Have a Clientexec Wishlist? Is there something you really want to see, or something to make your life easier with Clientexec? Post a request on our feature request system.

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