Clientexec 5.7.0 Beta 1 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Clientexec 5.7.0 Beta 1. This means that the final release of Clientexec 5.7.0 is right around the corner!

Click here to download version 5.7.0 Beta 1

What’s new in this version?

Open Ticket when a product is purchased

You can now have Clientexec automatically open a support ticket when a certain product is purchased.

Auto Login Developer Feature

We have implemented a new “Auto Login” feature, to allow developers of 3rd party systems to automatically log a client into their account. More information on this feature will be provided at a later date.

BitPay Payment Gateway

Using BitPay, you can now easily accept BitCoin.

Prorate Products Updates

To give more flexibility in your business settings, we’ve changed the way we prorate products. Each product can now be prorated, instead of an “all or none solution”.

Product Addon Changes

Each product addon can now have their own type individually. In addition you can now also choose quantity as an addon type.

Public Template Updates

We have updated our public (client) template to use Bootstrap Version 3. This has greatly improved our responsiveness and mobile views of the client side. Given the nature and size of this change, this will mean that any modifications you have made to the public (client) template will need to be redone, as they will not be compatible.


Just a reminder, that this is a Beta Release, and there may be minor bugs. This release is not meant to be run in production, however, it should be stable enough to do. We’re also always looking for your feedback, please post on our Feature Request System any features you’d love to see in future releases of Clientexec.

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