Clientexec 5.6.0 Released!

With continued hard work and updates in our core platform we have launched a new release that is sure to catch your attention. Get the new version here!

Some noteworthy features include:

  • PayStack and BrainTree payment processors.
  • Your clients can now easily send a tweet about your amazing support when they rate each closed support ticket.
  • A staff member can now add the appropriate CC and BCC emails when creating a support under under a client.
  • All public (client side) controller PHP files are no longer encoded, letting you freely change how your clients can interact with Clientexec!
  • You can now import data from Blesta! More information on this importer can be found here.

This release also includes numerous bug fixes, tweaks and features. A full changelog and the download files are available at

Update your Clientexec to the latest version today and enjoy all the great new benefits of your billing system. If you need help upgrading simply open a support ticket or drop by at

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