Clientexec 6.2.0 Beta 1 is now available

We are pleased to announce the release of Clientexec 6.2.0 Beta 1, which can be downloaded here. As this is a beta version, this is meant for testing only, and not recommended for production environments. Anyone with an active Clientexec license is eligible to participate in the beta.

6.2.0 Highlights:

6.2 introduces significant improvements including but not limited to custom billing cyclesDomain TLD & Pricing Importer, overhauled credit management systemSEO enhancements to the knowledge base, and much more.

Features / Enhancements in 6.2.0:

* System / Admin
– Added Last Reply to Ticket List on Admin Dashboard.
– Updated invoices grid to also display and order by Date Created.
– Updated the temp/cache path for mPDF to be uploads/cache.
– When parsing an email, if the from address is invalid, check the return-path header.
– Attempt to disable MySQL Strict Mode.
– Trim whitespace from a server’s hostname and shared IP upon saving.
– Ensure the reports menu is sorted alphabetically.

* Billing
– Added new admin permission to “Manage billing cycles”.
– Added new “Billing Cycles” section under billing settings, to allow add, edit and delete billing cycles.
– Display invoice entries description and detail with the updated names of the product and product group.
– Updated credit management in admin to allow for better tracking of client credit.
– Added a button to manually set an invoice to “Pending” status in the invoices grid.

* Knowledgebase
– Added the ability to have meta keywords and description in KB articles.

* Plugins
– Added TLD & Pricing import to NetEarthOne plugin
– Added TLD & Pricing import to plugin
– Added getting and setting DNS records to NetEarthOne plugin
– Added getting and setting DNS records to plugin
– Added TLD & Pricing Import to NameSilo.
– Updated Paypal plugin to handle the transaction types: recurring_payment and express_checkout.
– Added description to Stripe Checkout payments.
– Ensure domains are not cancelled if cURL can not resolve the API host of the registrar.

* Signup
– Added new setting to block certain phrases from being allowed in domain registrations / transfers.
– Allow coupon code to be sent to sign up with the GET parameter couponCode.
– Allow billing cycle to be sent to sign up with the GET parameter paymentterm, using either the billing cycle id, or a value representing the billing cycle. In Example, 15 days can be either 15d or d15, 1 week can be either 1w or w1, 3 months can be either 3m or m3, 2 years can be either 2y or y2.

* Clients
– Added captcha to client side Reset Password.
– Added the ability to cancel packages from a client’s profile packages list.
– Updated login page HTML to allow for custom css padding/margin on “Don’t have an account? Register now” and “Forgot your password”

* Support
– Added new admin preference to allow the support ticket list to auto refresh.

The full changelog please see the CHANGELOG.txt file in the download.

While we have done extensive testing bugs or other unforeseen issues may be present which can be reported here.


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